Man Dials 911 For Cheeseburger

A New Castle, Indiana man has been arrested after dialing 911 times to quench his hunger. Gregory Jackson, 52, was arrested after phoning 911 operators nine different times to request a cheeseburger.

Emergency operators hung up on Jackson’s first call and several subsequent calls before finally coaxing Jackson into giving up some personal information. The operator who answered the final call managed to dispatch police officers to Jackson’s location and kept the man on the phone until the officers arrived at his home.

New Castle police authorities are familiar with Jackson due to his prior criminal history. Jackson had previously been arrested for theft, dealing drugs, recklessness, and several other crimes related to alcohol abuse.

The officers didn’t bring Jackson his requested burger, however. The hungry man had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court, but was not charged with a crime related to the 911 nuisance calls.

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